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It was first armed with 4 x 10,5 cm LFH 325 (f), which were placed in the fields. They were replaced by the german 7,5 cm FK 16 guns in open emplacements. This gun was newer and had a far better range. The two casemates type 669 were built late 1943. The reorganisation of the units in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen led to the construction of a regimental HQ in Groede. The final armament of the battery was 4 x 10,5 cm K 35 (t) which had a range of over 18 km.
Built and some till present are:

  • 2 x 669
  • 1 x 502
  • 3 x 501
  • 3 x 134, of which one in the hospital version 134S
  • 3 x Vf stand for personnel and medical functions
  • 3 x tobruk
  • 2 x open emplacements.

The site was turned into a deer-park a few years after the war. Due to cost-saving operations in 2004 all the animals were moved and a new plan for re-using the parc and the bunkers was under consideration by the authorities. This project was in 2006 under construction, which gave us the opportunity to shoot some additional pictures. There are many remains of art, camouflage and inscriptions, but their future is not crystal clear. So, we have gathered as many pictures as possible. They can be found in the left frame under Art. A booklet written on the battery Groede is in our Sources.

Just outside the village Groede, this Kabelschaltstelle was built in order to handle all telephone communications in the area.