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Park Toorenvliedt

At a visit of Fieldmarschal Rommel he disagreed with the fact that the HQ for the division which defended Walcheren, was built outside the Verteidingungsbereich Vlissingen. He was even more angry as he found out that this HQ lied in the direct line of fire of several Mg and Pak bunkers of the Landfront at Nieuw Abeele. Plans were made to built a new HQ, but were never realised. The divisional HQ has lost three St-bunkers after the war, but the layout of the complex is still clearly visible. The bunkers are all closed up and some are in use by the bats.

This picture was taken in 1978. All bunkers were opened for an investigation to see if it was possible to make one suitable for a rockband. The idea was never realised.