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MKB Fjell

MKB Fjell must be one of the most exciting batteries we have ever seen. Where in the Atlantikwall today can you find a tunnelsystem with attached SK bunkers for combat (including a 35P8 Sechsschartenturm), three intact 633s, a 632, two hospitals 638, a half intact W├╝rzburg Riese radar on its base, a S 446 heavy Leitstand plus more than ten other Regelbauten and loads of Tobruks. Even in Norway itself this is a unique location.

The bunkers are located on one of the highest points of the Sotra island. Stunning views from everywhere! Around the complex a network of stone lined trenches and a big part of the original barbedwire poles still exist. The main complex can be divided into three subs, the tunnelsystem with turretshaft, the heavy Flakbattery and the ammunitionarea with underground tunnels for ammunition. The triple 28cm turret has long been gone but everything else is still there. Each of the three main parts had 2 x 2cm Flak on Fl 242.

The turretshaft has recently been closed with a glass turret.There are plans to open the site on a regular base. These days you can only visit the tunnels by making an appointment. The outside of the complex and the surrounding bunkers are all accessible.

Parts of the armour of the gunturret still there.