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828P6, Panzerung für K331 (f) im Schartenstand (FPzK 2344)

Thickness 30 mm
Weight 1 t
Diameter 1650 mm
Height 1000 mm

When the old French Schneider gun 10.5cm K331 (f) was converted to a static fortress gun for the specially made Jägerstand a protective shield was added to completely close off the Scharte. At its introduction around spring 1943 it was called 844P6. Later this became 828P6 and finally FPzK 2344.

Only one Jägerstand was built outside the Channel Islands, at Nymindegab, Denmark. This one is covered under dunes so we don't know if the armoured part is still there. Three remain on Jersey and one on Guernsey.