Panzerkasematte für 10cm Kasemattkanone 405P9

Thickness 25 cm front, 35 cm roof
Weight 35 t 
Closing mechanism Rotatable Bullet-shaped stop
Optics Pz.W.B.F.8 or 1a
Used in Atlantikwall/Ostwall
Weapons 10cm KK, MG-34 auf Schartenlafette 34


The Panzerkasematte 405p9 was protected by a Scharten- and Deckenplatte which gave the bunker a low profile and good protection to gun and crew. An artillery observation cupola was integrated in the same bunker being the 663a/b and a SK in Hoek van Holland. One Kasematte remains and is located near St Nazaire.

The covering plate is the only part of the Kasematte visible left.

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