Pakscharteneinsatz 770P4

Thickness 15 mm (in front)
Weight -
Closing mechanism Static Bullet-shaped stop
Used in Atlantikwall/Westwall
Weapons 4.7cm Festung PAK 36 (t)

The 770P4 was designed to mount the captured Czech fortress PAK. It has been built in St and a lot of standard Vf PAK Stände along the Atlantikwall. Some bunkers have the extra armoured protection 770aP4 in front of the Scharte. It consisted of a armoured cover that could be lifted up, to protect the muzzle of the gun. The hoisting mechanism was protected by an extra U-formed plate was sometimes placed on the far outside.



Stahlschartenverschluß 770aP4


100 mm
Weight 4 t (plate only)
Closing mechanism Two cranks with counter-weights
Used in Atlantikwall/Westwall
Used for 770P4



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