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15 cm Sk C/28

Sometimes noted as being the guns of the Gneisenau, but due to the fact that the bunkers involded cannot support the rather high shafts of Gneisenaus 15 cm turrets, we think these are from an other German ship class. These turrets have to be less in height than the ones from Gneisenau, because the shafts in the used bunkers fitt only to a lower version. The two turrets of the battery Graadyb were, in the early 50-ties, moved to the postwar Dänish fortress Stevnsfort, which is 60 km south of Copenhagen, at Rodvig Stevns. They were fired each year, but this tradition stopped several years ago. The fortress is now a Cold War museum. (with thanks to Michael Simonsen)

Battery Location Turrets Bunkertype Remarks
Graadyb Fanö, Denmark 2 - 2 M 184 moved

Koldkrigsmuseet Stevnsfort.