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15 cm SK C/28 in turret C/28

"Gneisenau" had 4 turrets with two 15 cm guns as secondary armament.
These guns were stripped of the ship at Gotenhafen and placed as complete turrets in the coastal defence.

Battery Location Turrets Bunkertype Remarks
Brommy Petsamo, Finland 2 - 2 M 219  
Zanddijk Den Helder, Holland 2 - 2 M 219 1 finished

Both bunkers for the battery in Holland were finished and are still there. One of the turrets was actually placed and the second one was in stock at Huisduinen. The conclusion of the two turrets of the battery Brommy at Petsamo comes from studying all the resources and is a final one. Please note that the single 15 cm guns from "Gneisenau" were placed in a second battery at Petsamo.

A rare photo of a 15 cm turret on the "Gneisenau"
(John Asmussen)

The entrance of one M 219 at Zanddijk, Holland.

The shaft for the turret.