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20.3 cm

Designated for the new heavy cruiser class "Hipper" and "Prinz Eugen". One of these ships, the (new) "Seydlitz" was still under construction when the war broke out. In the plans for making German aircraftcarriers, changing the new "Seydlitz" into a "carrier-cruiser" was also an option. This plan made the four turrets with the 20.3 cm guns obsolete and they were, as complete turrets, used for coastal defences.

Battery Location Turrets Bunkertype Remarks
Seydlitz Ile de Groix, Lorient, France 2-2 Sk  
Karola Ile de Ré, La Rochelle, France 2-2 S 483  

The "Karola" casemate can be visited with a guide.

The firecontrol of the battery "Karola".

(Photo: Nara)

Ile de Groix, battery Seydlitz.

(Photo: Nara)

Ile de Ré, battery Karola.