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28 cm SK L/50

Originaly designed for the old "Seydlitz" class battlecruisers. The Turkish battlecruiser "Yavuz" has sailed over fifty years with this type of gun. It was a powerfull gun which once placed in the coastal mounting C/37, had a maximum range of 38 kilometers. It was the first German 28 cm gun that was operated by a combined electrical and hydraulical system. Two of the guns in the battery Coronel were temporalily replaced to Hoek van Holland in the Netherlands, but returned to Borkum as the heavy battery Rozenburg became operational.

Battery Location Turrets Bunkertype Remarks
Coronel Borkum, Germany 3 - 1 open  
Grosser Kurfürst Framzelle, France 4 - 1 S 412  

This is what is left of a S 412 in the battery "Grosser Kurfürst".

A barrel of this gun.