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30.5 cm KM 13 (รถ)

The three Austrian Hongarian pre-Dreadnought ships in the Radetzky class were after WW-I, given to the Italian navy. The "Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand" was not recommisionned. This ship had four turrets with each 2 guns, which were made by "Skoda" and proven to be very powerfull. Four guns of this type were used in a coastal battery near Penchega, which was Finland in those days. Four more guns were planned to be placed as an upgrade of the railroad battery "Batz" in Batz sur Mer, France. One special constructed open emplacement was finished. It is now in use as the basement for a watertower. The foundation for a second one is also still visible. The four guns never arrived in France and were found back at the Krupp factory after the war, probably brought there for making the mountings. The same type of gun was used on the Viribis Unitis class which ships had four turrets with each three barrels. Four of these guns were planned for the battery Nibelungen in Denmark. One source states that the guns for Nibelung were the same specimen as those for Batz sur Mer and that the bunkers are also of the same type.

Battery Location Turrets Bunkertype Remarks
Suomi Penchega, Finland 4 - 1 open  
Nibelung Laso, Denmark 4 - 1 S 741 (plan)  
Kermoisan Batz sur Mer, France 4 - 1 open  

The only finished bunker in Batz sur Mer for this gun.