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38 cm KM 35/36 (f)

In may 1940 one turret with four guns, was placed on the modern French battleship "Jean Bart", which was under construction in St Nazaire at that time. Two guns of a second turret that was not placed yet, were rapidly loaded in an allied merchant ship in order to save them from the approaching German troops. The vessel was sunk by the "Luftwaffe", just outside the harbour. Two other barrels were mutilated by the French on the dockyard.The Germans placed one of the remaining guns of this new "Jean Bart" at the battery "Grand Hameau", just north of Le Havre. Before the concret hood of the first bunker was finished, the emplacement was destroyed in an airraid in July 44. Three other guns were shipped to Nötteröy at the Oslofjord in Norway. They arrived safely,but the open emplacements for them were never finished. The French designation of these guns is 380mm /45 Model 1935 and the Germans called it 380mm KM35/36 (f).

Battery Location Turrets Bunkertype Remarks
Nötteröy Oslofjord, Norway 3 - 1 S 536  
Corvée Le Havre, France 3 - 1 S 536  

This is what is left of the S 536 at the battery "Corvée" near Le Havre.

(Photo: Nara)

A wartime picture of the turret.