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38 cm /50 Model 1934

The Italian battleship "Impero" of the "Littorio" class was still under construction when the war broke out.
She was to be armed with 3 turrets of each three 38 cm guns. This weapon had a good performance in range and penetration. At several tests, firing from land, a maximum range of 48 kilometers was reached, but this quality had also a disadvantage. The barrel had to be replaced after approx. 110 rounds. The German allies used the unarmed ship for training and target practising. Probable they have found one turret somewhere in an Italian factory and had it in mind for a battery on the island "Sylt" on the German Northsea coast. This battery was never operational.

Battery Location Turrets Bunkertype Remarks
unknown Sylt, Ge 1 -3 open  

Battleship Littorio during a practice run.