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38 cm SK C/34 in mounting C/39 (Siegfried)

This type of gun, used on the "Bismarck" and "O" -class ships, were also placed on different mountings in coastal batteries. This gave them the possibility for a higher elevation angle of 52 degrees. With a lighter projectile the maximum range was over 50 kilometers. They had the same technical designation as the guns for the ships. The coastal guns had the nickname "Siegfried", which may not be confused with the initial name of the battery "Siegfried" at Audinghen, France, which later was renamed to "Todt". The guns were used in the following batteries (from north to south):

Battery Location Turrets Bunkertype Remarks
Vara Kristiansand, Norway 4 - 1 S 169  
Hanstholm Hanstholm, Denmark 4 - 1 S 75/80  
Laesö Laesö, Denmark unknown unknown planned
Wangerooge Wangerooge, Germany 2 - 1 open planned
Todt Audinghen, France 4 - 1 Sk  

"Turm IV" of the battery "Todt".

The remaining 38cm gun of Batterie Vara, Norway.