Regelbau 502 opened to public in Pisz (Poland)

Earlier than planned, the Regelbau 502 of Stp Johannisburg (nowadays Pisz), is opened to the public. It’s the first bunker out of several which will be included in a bicycle tour in the future.

In the beginning of this year the bunker was still covered with earth and litter but the historical group ‘Piska Pozycja Ryglowa’ and scouts cleaned it since. The drains are working again so the bunker is dry now.

Plans are to renovate one room to its original state while the second room will have some audio visual information.

A smaller bunker (Garage with MG position attached) in the woods nearby was cleaned too and will be opened to the public soon.

According to one of the group’s members, Piotr Banach, there were a lot of visitors, which shows that there is a great interest in this part of Polish history.


The bunker was built in 1939 and was part of the Galindestellung which defended the border of Ost-Preussen. The bunker is one of the few remaining 502s with a small observation cupola (type 90P9). It also has low entrances to the gaslock which can be found more in the area. It was a temporary solution before the final steel doors were placed. More information about the Galindestellung can be found on http://bunkersite.com -> Other Locations -> Poland -> Galindestellung and http://kaczorek.easyisp.pl/pisz/.

The 502 in 2007

The 502 in 2007 (Photo: Arthur van Beveren)


The bunker after the excavation (Photo: Piszanin)

The bunker after the excavation (Photo: Piszanin)

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