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Stp Pommern will disappear

The local government of Wissant on the 23th of March decided to demolish the bunkers on the southern beach of the town. It was the French state who feels the bunkers are a danger to the coastal protection and to visitors of the beach. Total costs of the demolition: €450.000.

The ruins pose too much of threat to the thousands of visitors each year. “Three years ago we’ve had a fatal accident when a boy fell from a bunker”, mayor of Wissant Bernard Bracq explains. According to him the bunkers also speed up the process of coastal erosion.

Local citizens are afraid the erosion will be more extensive when the bunkers have disappeared. They also think it’s part of Wissant, they know the concrete structures from back in their youth. But Bracq thinks “they don’t belong in a natural site” anyway: “the bunkers have nothing to do in the Bay of Wissant”.

With the demolition of Stp Pommern another important site in the north-west of France disappears. Also at St Cécile and Fort Mahon bunkers were demolished long after the end of the war and it makes you think if it’s not just a cosmetical move to make the beach look better for tourists.

Source: La Voix du Nord via Atlantikwall Superforum

Edit 11 April: Thanks to Hervé for his comment.

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  1. Hervé Olejniczak
    Hervé Olejniczak says:

    Hello Arthur,
    For the moment only the north destroyed 612, the closer 501 and one Schnabelstand of the Panzermauer are concerned (+ blocks from the downed Pzmauer). The others buildings no. A local Radio has interviewed me last Thursday on the beach. I’ve given the idea to keep the others Bunkers (especially the 600 and the 630) safe, for their architectural interest, their good Conditions and for the Memory to give to the following generations.
    Let’s wait for what the future will bring. Destructions could arrive before the summer season, but due to the many Permits to get, they will certainly happen for the end of the year.




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