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Mont St Frieux

Located on the Mont Saint Frieux, east of the Mont Neufchâtel, this Stützpunktgruppe consisted of 2 batteries, one Flak-battery, a large amount of close combat defenceworks and supporting bunkers. Observation and fire-control bunkers and a covering Flak-battery were located on the western edge of the hill. A 17cm K18-L/50 army coastal battery manned by the 4./H.K.A.R 1245 was located on the south-western hills while a divisional 10 cm F14/19 (t) battery was located on top of the hill in open emplacements. A small bunkervillage east of this battery served as a supporting base with a kitchen- and waterbunker and several bunkers for personnel. Finally the slopes of the hill were protected by several bunkers for infantry weapons, you find them in the chapter Perimeter. The area is a protected site and not open for public, ask the local forest keeper for permission first.