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The Siegfried gun

Siegfried, Railway guns

This type of 38 cm gun was designed for the battleships Bismarck and Tirpitz. They were modified for mounting in casemates, as in the battery Todt. But there was also a railway version. The guns costed 5 million Reichsmark each.

CaliberBarrel lengthGun weightShell weightRate of fireMax range
38 cm18.4 m286 tons800 kg1 per 4 minutes.55,7 km

Krupp made four of these (E) guns. At the end of the war there was only one operational 38 cm in the field. The Americans found it at Marignane in the Südwall. It had only 8 shells in stock and the second gun was out of action due to maintenance.

There was a plan to upgrade the Siegfried to 40,6 cm which would have the name Adolf.