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We start at the old fort Rammekens that made the connection with the Landfront east. We skip the Kernwerk that has its own chapter. The next stop is the bunker nearby the windmill on the eastboulevard. This mill is called Oranjemolen and was Wn Leuchtenburg. Here is an observatiebunker of type 143 which is fully restored by the foundation Bunkerbehoud. It was opened end of October 2004 and can be visited every Sunday afternoon in summer. The bunker was the firingcontrolpost for the inland battery Baskensburg. The next spot is Stp Hohenstauffen, which is in the neighbourhood of the hotel Britannia. During the war it was the German commandpost and fierce man to man battles took place here in 1944. At the far end of the boulevard lies a bunker for Mg, type 623. The next strongpoint at the coast was the AA battery West, which has completly gone. The little forest behind the dike, the Nollebos, houses some leftovers from the former bunkermeadow with many Vf bunkers. At a place called Dishoek/Kaapduinen some supporting bunkers of the naval coastal battery Dishoek (Stp Fidelio) remain. Please note that this is private property and closed with a big fence. To end the tour Seefront you can navigate to the last strongpoints Carmen and Fledermaus, which are also part of the coverage of the Landfront.

The bunker 143 on the Oranjedijk taken from the windmill.