A, for me, unknown Sechsschartenturm 35P8 possibly on a 632 (where only three Schartes were used) was reveiled on Kystfort.com.

Trondenes peninsula is a real heaven, with of course the famous ‘Adolf’ gun, a 40.6cm naval gun. The now reveiled turret covers the entrance road to the battery. The setup of a Sechsschartenturm covering a heavy battery can also be found at MKB Fjell and Ørlandet. Another beauty is the remaining turret for a 10.5cm SK C/32, which lies nearby.

The turret was made by Krupp in 1938 and it’s number 5 made that year.

What a sight. 35P8 turret with 10.5cm Flak turret in the back. (Photo: Erik Hårberg)

What a sight. 35P8 turret with 10.5cm Flak turret in the back. (Photo: Erik Hårberg)

Some time ago I’ve posted the video by Steve Powell of the Festungspak plate at Wn Schonbucht Mitte on Guernsey. This time I made my own video in Batterie Ørlandet, better known as Austrått Fort in Norway.

A group of Czech volunteers restored the gun and accessories to mint condition.

Even Blomkvist, director of the Tirpitz Museum lets us know:

I have good news about the 15 cm SKC/28 twin guns from Store Korsnes. Saturday last week the gun returned to Alta after 66 years. It is in a amazing condition and will be assembled in the coming months.I have worked against the Norwegian military for 5 years to get hold of this important war memory and to prevent it was scrapped like so many other guns from the war has become.


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On Axis History Forum, Valtoro reminds us about the working 38cm gun of Batterie Vara in Kristiansand.

Just a small reminder for those of you that can make it to Kristiansand and MKB 6/502 “Vara” next sunday (1st august)
The local gun museum will operate the 38 cm gun on two occasions at 13:30 and 15:30. Visitors can also purchase hot food
from a gulaschkanone! :)

Article in Norwegian about the event: (the english text is not updated)

One of the most important bunker sites in Norway, Batterie Vara (Møvik fort, Kroodden), is in danger. There are plans to build a new neighborhood on a part of the battery’s terrain. Besides the historical value of the site it is also a beautiful recreational place.

Looking at the plans, two 38cm gun emplacements will be surrounded by houses. All the bunkers on the north side of the complex are in danger too. Closest to the bunker will be a new school with sport fields. Some new houses will be twelve stories high.

Batterie Vara was built from 1942 to secure the Skaggerak together with Batterie Hanstholm II in Denmark. It’s one of the few places in the Atlantikwall where the gun is left in the emplacement. The 38cm S.K. C/34 was used by the Norwegian army after the war until the nineties. It’s a huge bunker complex with four emplacements (of which one is ‘Verschartet’, it got a roof) and supporting bunkers (ammo, machinery, personnel). It was protect against infantery attacks by several MG/Pak bunkers and endless trenches with Tobruks. Today the gun with bunker is a museum.

For more info check Kystfort forum and Axis History. There is also a facebook page.

The 38cm gun of Bt Vara. (Photo: Arthur van Beveren)

The 38cm gun of Bt Vara. (Photo: Arthur van Beveren)