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Regelbau 502 Ost-W 010-216 uncovered in Middelkerke

During the construction of the new casino in the Belgian coastal town of Middelkerke a Regelbau 502 has been unearthed. The bunker was part of Stützpunkt Roon and will be demolished.

The bunker was stripped after the war, and about one meter of the roof was demolished. The bunker bears the number Ost-W 010-216. The left entrance shows an St-sign on each side, meaning this bunker was Ständig, safe to hide in against heavy artillery and bombs from the air.

According to forum member Simon V. on Axis History Forum, there should be another 502 buried at the site of the new casino.

Entrance to the bunker with the bunker number Ost-W 010-216

The mayor of the town is clear, the bunkers will not pose a threat to his buildings plans. There will be a new casino and the bunkers will be demolished. Belgium has never showed much interest in the former Atlantikwall. They will always use the excuse that ‘we already have the Raversijde bunker museum’. Which is the same as demolishing a medieval castle ‘because we already have another one left’.

See a tv-coverage on the find here. https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2021/01/05/bunker-gevonden-onder-casino-middelkerke/

Mayor of Middelkerke Jean-Marie Dedecker makes a bad joke about possible German bodies inside the bunker.

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