Redefining the Atlantikwall

On the 2nd and 3th of September a conference will take place in Amersfoort and Middelburg, the Netherlands.

European experts will gather together on the 2nd and 3rd of September 2010 to exchange knowledge and ideas regarding this monumental defence line. Historians, policy makers, (landscape)architects, museum directors, planners, sociologists and bunker fans will enter in a fruitful debate. This multi-disciplinary seminar will end the object-oriented fixation with the Atlantikwall, focusing instead on integrating its military, spatial, historical and socio-economic aspects.

Prof. dr. Marieke Kuipers (NL) will speak about the shift from an ‘object’ related approach of bunkers towards present-day regionally grounded heritage by using the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie (New Dutch Water Defence Line) as a case-study.
Prof. dr. Inge Marszolek (GER) will discuss the notions of myth-making, perpetrators and victims, space and landscape and the German view of their ‘colonial heritage’ – the Atlantikwall.
Rose Tzalmona (CAN/NL) will address the transformation from ‘collective amnesia’ towards ‘collective remembrance’ exemplified in artistic and architectonic interventions along the western-European coastline.

Rudi Rolf (NL) will present a historical overview of the Atlantikwall and offer his assessment of its present condition. Lenco van der Weel (NL) will discuss various approaches and methods pertaining to bunker restoration projects. Janne Wilberg (NOR) will explain how the remnants of the Atlantikwall in Norway stand in relation to Norwegian heritage policies.

For more information on the conference and to subscribe for either one or two days visit the website http://atlantikwallplatform.eu

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