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Nedinsco (Nederlandse Instrumenten Compagnie) was founded by the German company Carl Zeiss Jena in 1921. In this way Germany could produce military optical equipment in spite of the Versaille treatment. The company first started in Flushing, but Nedinsco moved to an existing location in Venlo. After a short period of time it gradually moved to a newly built factory (under Bauhaus architecture) at the same location, which was finished in 1928. The tower was used to calibrate the optics for which purpose many church towers in Venlo where used.
Nedinsco became a highly qualified supplier of optical measuring devices for many years; submarine periscopes, cameras and signal lights for the global defence market. Before and during the war they produced high quality optical devives for the German army. In 1944 an allied bombardment destroyed a part of the factory.
The Carl Zeiss Jena ownership ended directly after WW-II as Nedinsco was taken over by the Dutch authorities. From 1953 Nedinsco became a privately owned company, which it still is. In 2007 the factory moved to a new building elswhere in Venlo.

The former building in Venlo was built in 1928 under “Bauhaus” architecture and is a Dutch national monument now.